Are We Truly an Independent Nation?

Now that the circus in southern Florida is subsiding in anticipation of the imminent book and movie deals, the case of Humberto Leal is making the waves now. Mr. Leal is set to die by lethal injection here in Texas tonight for the 1995 torture and murder of a 16 year old San Antonio girl. Brutal. Senseless. Punishment: Deserving.
What’s causing the additional hubbub about this execution is that the murderer is a Mexican national. And that the death warrant is set to be handed down, our beloved government has decided that it needs to sticks its nose into Texas’ affairs. While it, no doubt, is none of their business, I get the reasoning. So, you have Obama, Secretaries Clinton and Holder AND Mexico weighing in on the issue. They cite a U.N. treaty and dire consequences for American citizens who may get arrested overseas. This inmate has used the legal system to the Nth degree and every possible appeal has been filed on his behalf and been exhausted. He has been afforded every single right that you and I have under our admired Constitution. (As a side note, this article can also serve to boost my opinion on my previously published immigration article. So, I won’t touch too much on that).
He was living in the States since he was 2 years old and failed to divulge his citizenship upon arrest. As I have said before, the solution to the ills of our society will begin when we accept accountability. I assure you the rest will fall into place. He wanted the fruits of the United States; he has to face the penalties if he can’t live by the laws in place to protect us. President Obama and anyone else who feels this is an unjust sentence needs to back off and let our state handle its own affairs. I agree with the pundits and commentators who feel that Congress should be the one body allowed to bind us to any document or treaty. Especially by the United Nations. He came. He saw. He killed. He’s gone. There has to be repercussions or there can’t be order. And while this article could go on and on about the debate this country has when it comes to foreign CRIMINALS, this just serves as a lead in to what I have wanted to write about this week. Our country is, with ever increasing speed, headed toward a country that is as far from independent as the Founding Fathers had envisioned.
The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word ‘independent’ as ‘not subject to the control by others’. It also has an entry that uses ‘not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct’.
If you take a look at those two definitions closely, I think they represent what Jefferson, Adams and Franklin were thinking when they presented the Declaration of Independence. We have to be free and independent from any outside source when it comes to the benefit and well being of our citizens. This isn’t about me being a Texan and wanting some sort of Wild West justice. This is about the decisions our government makes regarding this country and why they make them. I think those two definitions pretty much are saying the same thing. To look for others’ opinions to dictate a path is, by all intent and purposes, being controlled by others. We are no longer a true independent nation. An increasing trend is that our country and its leaders are more concerned with our reputation and the opinion of other countries than about the welfare of our own citizens.
One needs look no further than two nations we have become so closely intertwined. One is China. I want to revise that. The human rights suppressing, state controlled, communist China. I’ve written about our jobs going overseas and the impact it has on our economy. I also listed our government as a major chief instigator in this issue. But, if you take a closer look at the bigger picture and consider the grand scope all of things, one could surmise there’s may be an underlying reason why our government isn’t in a big rush to keep our jobs in this country. Debt. Good old fashion fear is a reason I cite. China owns almost 10% of our total debt. In addition to the $65million we continue to give them in aid each year, they rake in the massive profits that we, as Americans, continue to pump into their economy. It would be more, I presume, if it not be for the U.N. sanctions stemming from their peaceful handling of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy students in June of 1989. To be fair, the U.S. isn’t alone in this. China rakes in billions of aid each year from the IMF and other places and there are countries that limit their contact with Taiwan. China is bulling their way to the top. Watch it.
The Obama administration (and prior ones, as well…this problem has been gaining steam for some time) has allowed China and its leaders to come here and flaunt their increasing influence over our decision making process. To put it into perspective. While China continues to put its hand out like a needy, underdeveloped nation, they rank second, behind the U.S, in the world with the most billionaires. China’s economy is the fastest growing. And the U.S. will do whatever it takes for their Don to be happy and not place us in the pickle it can on a whim.
Another country influencing us is Mexico. Being our neighbor to the south, Mexico has reaped the benefits of our bountiful economy for quite some time. On both sides of the border. There are over one million Americans living and working in Mexico. The U.S. is Mexico’s largest trading partner and is America’s third. Who do they follow?? I was surprised, and not sure why, but Canada is our largest. But the second?? You guessed it, The People’s Republic of China. And with the massive immigration debate that will never end, the U.S. and the Obama administration find themselves being forced (although self imposed) to make decisions based on winks and nods and not in the best interests of our citizens. They have let Mexico’s President come into our country and tell our states that their laws are not right. That illegal immigration is a right of the Mexican people. Obama finds it easy, as well, to make jokes about the issue right there at the border. Other than trade, the reason is vividly clear: Votes. Again, as written, Latinos are making up an ever increasing voting demographic. Can you imagine the dent the President and the Democratic Party take if they take a stand on the side of the States and their own law abiding citizens? I venture to guess.
With the completion of another July 4th holiday, I took a moment to think if our society really embraces what it is we’re celebrating. We fought for the freedom to make our own decisions. And we have to face the consequences and the benefits of how we run our country. I even get the feeling we don’t recognize the day for what it is. It’s Independence Day. I can’t count the times over the years that I’ve heard the same people whine about the freedoms we have only to gripe louder when made to work on this holiday. I say lose the term “The 4th”. It forces the meaning to be relegated to a date on the calendar. We cannot ignore what it was the Founding Fathers were doing in forging out great country. When in doubt, we have to stand alone. Independent. Call July 4th for what it is. Independence Day.
In closing, it’s time to take a look at those leading us into the future. We continue to benefit those who infringe on the Creator’s gift upon us; Inalienable Rights. The presidential race is getting ready to heat up, we have issues in Congress that are festering up to the point of drastic laceration and we can’t find a formidable solution on immigration or our march towards insolvency. Look at our independence as you would your own house. How many people would you allow to influence the decisions you make involving you and your family? Especially if they weren’t in their best interests and well-being.

Until next time…..

P.S. One last thing for those in D.C. and the cheap seats, Don’t Mess with Texas.

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  1. Julie
    Posted July 8, 2011 at 8:49 am | Permalink

    I had a former school teacher and principle tell me something very interesting a month ago. When she became principal she asked the person she was replacing why he was leaving, he was not retirement age and was a Christian as she was. He said he just could not go on in the public school system and what we are teaching and more NOT TEACHING our students. He was tired of the thought of telling our kids what they should believe instead on teaching them to be independent and make there own choices. He then took out a section of a history book from China and told her to read it if she had the mind. Well she did and this is what it said, China recognized from Pearl Harbor to never wake the sleeping giant again, so the plan was to take over from a Sociology point of view. Make us not trust or respect our government, let someone else form our views, be politically correct instead of voicing your opinion, form two different sides of our country and become divided, to tear each other apart, that would make our country week and then easy to take over. This was 20 or more years ago this lady read this and LOOK AT OUR COUNTRY!!!!! Watch out for China is the truest statement you have ever said Brett. We have got to stand independent and at the same time together, there will always be different opinions, there always has been, but we need to get back to support each other as a country and do what is right. There are many conservatives keeping quiet to be keep from being labeled: STAND UP SPEAK YOUR MIND!!! If we all stood up and spoke I really think we would find more conservatives than we think, I am surprised daily by those that share my views. On a quick side note I would love to see an article on Casey Anthony.

    • Posted July 9, 2011 at 8:12 am | Permalink

      That does seem to be the downside of being a Conservative from the Left’s point of view. If you want fiscal responsibility and any type of reform, you’re labeled. And that’s just not the way things should be! Thanks for the comment Julie!!

  2. Amy
    Posted July 9, 2011 at 8:00 am | Permalink

    Very awesome Brett!!! I especially love the last three sentences – makes me think.

    • Posted July 9, 2011 at 8:10 am | Permalink

      Thanks, Amy. Hope all is well in The Big GA.

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